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From using Windows Movie Maker on a family computer to a full time profession, editing video has been a passionate hobby of mine ever since high school. Educated in visual arts, but also self taught, I have extensive knowledge of multiple editing systems and own the equipment necessary to make my own video content as needed! 


Currently a Production Editor for Maryland Public Television, I've performed finishing edits for over fifty local and national PBS programs, including shows such as 'To Dine For' and 'My Greek Table.' I'm proficient in multiple non-linear editing systems such as Adobe Premiere Pro and AVID. I'm also proficient and mostly knowledgeable of most of the Adobe Creative Suite.

I am creative, skilled, and eager to apply my energy to any editing challenge! I can create and edit graphics, motion graphics, audio, and anything required for a project. Editing is a consistently evolving profession and requires constant refresh and learning, and I pride myself on staying up to date with latest editing and graphics trends.

If you're in the need for a versatile editor, podcaster, and multimedia professional, feel free to check out my resume and demo reels by accessing the links below! Hope to hear from you!